At the Singapore Fintech Festival and SWITCH convention on November 12th, ACCESS Health Director of Business Development, Adrienne Mendenhall interviewed PARO creator, Dr. Takanori Shibata on “The Japanese Art of Ageing Gracefully.” For over 10 years, Dr. Shibata has focused on the intricacies of ageing in Asia and what it means to create an environment for healthy ageing. As the creator of PARO, an artificially intelligent baby seal used therapeutically in nursing homes to calm anxious patients, Dr. Shibata shows how the most updated technology can often take the place of medication. Adrienne engaged Dr. Shibata on the practical use of his AI technology and the long-term cost-effectiveness of this type of technology. As ageing is a growing public health issues in Asia, Dr. Shibata believes PARO, as well as other AI technology, can change the ecosystem of ageing into a more precise, patient-centered, and natural process. Through our Modern Aging program, ACCESS Health supports innovations in aging and creative ways to live healthier, fuller lives as seniors.