Digital Health Accelerator Program 2021

Accelerator Program for Startups

The Health Futures Accelerator Program focuses on startups that have an integrated systems level view of healthcare. We bring together startups that work at the intersection of multiple disciplines – health, finance, technology – to solve real world challenges in healthcare.

Healthcare delivery and healthcare financing usually happen in silos, creating a difficult-to-navigate administrative process for patients who need accessible and affordable healthcare. Driving innovation through industry convergence, ACCESS Health International’s Accelerator Program is a platform for startups to build disruptive growth models.

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The Mentors of the Accelerator Program

Jeff Chen

Chief Strategy Officer at WeDoctor

Siddharth Pisharody

Director Investment, Temasek International

Nivedita Pandey

Partner Growth, Microsoft

Shwetank Verma

Co-founder at Leo Capital

Reynold D’Silva

Managing Director - Asia, (MILVIK) BIMA

Joseph Mocanu

Managing Partner, Verge Healthtech Fund

Krishna Thacker

Director, Asia, MetLife Foundation

Hear from our Startups!


We got to understand how our peers from other nations to solve programs... and this is useful when we're developing our own solutions.


The ACCESS Health Accelerator has really opened doors for us to integrate with ecosystem partners so that we can develop our products better.


ACCESS Health Accelerators has allowed us to find new partners, to drive innovation, and new growth, and new ideas...


The ACCESS Health Accelerator has helped us to learn so much from mentors in the domains of fintech and healthtech.


The Accelerator has provided us with the opportunities to get insights with healthcare systems and healthcare technologies in and out of Vietnam.


We were able to learn the health and financial policies which is in a very much regulated environment.

Dcode Care

Through the Accelerator, we met experts who sharpened our business strategy and identifying new acquisition opportunities.


Our interaction with the team of mentors were fruitful, and they helpful in helping us to navigate business challenges.


ACCESS Health Accelerator has a very good mix of mentors for us to engage with, and has shared with us knowledge of fundraising, business expansion, and partnerships.

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