The Mentor Network

Our mentors are a network of subject matter experts, individual pioneers, and innovators pushing the industry to the next level. They lend insights, experience, and industry know-how to startups from early stage to series B and beyond.

Our mentor networking events are an opportunity to meet other mentors and experts from academia, industry, and development organizations to explore partnership opportunities and share expertise.

Health Futures Advisory Committee

  • Jeremy Lim
    Jeremy Lim Partner and Head of Asia Pacific, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Oliver Wyman
    • Jarom Britton
      Jarom Britton Regional Attorney, Health, Education & Public Sector, Asia, Microsoft
      • Caitlin Asjes
        Caitlin Asjes Director of Public Affairs, Greater Asia
        • Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
          Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei Vice President Communications and Value-Based Healthcare, Asia Pacific, MEDTRONIC
          • Alok Mishra
            Alok Mishra Chief Executive Officer, Value Addition

            Health Futures Singapore Mentors Network

            • Alok Mishra
              Alok Mishra Chief Executive Officer, Value Addition
              • Anand Jha
                Anand Jha Managing Director, Ansea Consulting
                • Bruno Occhipinti
                  Bruno Occhipinti
                  • Dr. Calvin Chan
                    Dr. Calvin Chan Director in Office of Graduate Studies, Singapore University of Social Sciences
                    • Candy Braithwaite
                      Candy Braithwaite Managing Director, BioPharmax
                      • Dr. Carol Tan
                        Dr. Carol Tan Geriatrician and Medical Director, The Good Life Co-operative
                        • Craig DeLarge
                          Craig DeLarge Digital Health Strategist, WiseWorking LLC
                          • Emmanuelle Ribot-Mariotte
                            Emmanuelle Ribot-Mariotte Managing Director, M.A. Pharm
                            • Fabio La Mola
                              Fabio La Mola Partner, L.E.K. Singapore
                              • Farhana Nakhooda
                                Farhana Nakhooda Senior Vice President for Health Catalyst, Asia Pacific
                                • Fredrik Nyberg
                                  Fredrik Nyberg Chief Executive Officer, APACMed
                                  • Glenn van Zutphen
                                    Glenn van Zutphen Founder, Van Media Group
                                    • Ishita Dhamani
                                      Ishita Dhamani Director of Asia Pacific Advisory Center, Ernst & Young
                                      • Jason Yap
                                        Jason Yap Associate Professor, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health
                                        • Jeff Weisel
                                          Jeff Weisel Director of Life Sciences and Healthcare Advisory, Ernst & Young
                                          • Jennifer Shortall
                                            Jennifer Shortall Marketing Director for Asia, iNova Pharmaceuticals
                                            • John Yoon
                                              John Yoon Director, Asia Pacific, Joint Commission International
                                              • Justin Hall
                                                Justin Hall Principal, Golden Gate Ventures
                                                • John McKendry
                                                  John McKendry Vice President and General Manager, Upjohn ASEAN
                                                  • Dr. Laurent Metz
                                                    Dr. Laurent Metz Global HEMAR lead, Global Public Health, Johnson & Johnson
                                                    • Manjunath Chandrashekar
                                                      Manjunath Chandrashekar Director, SAP Co-Innovation Labs South East Asia
                                                      • Melissa Kang
                                                        Melissa Kang CEO, Jasmine Sustainability
                                                        • Michel Faucher
                                                          Michel Faucher Employee Health & Benefits (EH&B) Growth Markets Regional Business Leader, Mercer
                                                          • Monica Mohan
                                                            Monica Mohan Partnership Propositions and Business Development, Allianz
                                                            • Reynold D’Silva
                                                              Reynold D’Silva Senior Vice President, Head of Data Marketing Innovation at GO-JEK
                                                              • Rose Kwan
                                                                Rose Kwan Growth Markets Health Director and Partner, Mercer Health
                                                                • Sandeep Bhargava
                                                                  Sandeep Bhargava Director of Graphic Solutions Business, Asia Pacific Japan, HP
                                                                  • Siao Wearn Leong
                                                                    Siao Wearn Leong FIA Head of Health Insurance, Willis Towers Watson
                                                                    • Thiam Lim
                                                                      Thiam Lim Healthcare Director, Southeast Asia, SAP
                                                                      • Vivek Bachhawat
                                                                        Vivek Bachhawat
                                                                        • Yen Siang Leong
                                                                          Yen Siang Leong Manager, Consumer & Market Knowledge, P&G
                                                                          • Kyriacos Koupparis
                                                                            Kyriacos Koupparis Senior Innovation Expert, USAID
                                                                            • Caitlin Asjes
                                                                              Caitlin Asjes Director of Public Affairs, Greater Asia
                                                                              • Chris Hardesty
                                                                                Chris Hardesty Director, Life Sciences, KPMG Singapore
                                                                                • Michelle Thai
                                                                                  Michelle Thai Co- Medical Director of Rehabilitation, St Jude Medical Centre
                                                                                  • Dr. Snehal Patel, MD, ESQ
                                                                                    Dr. Snehal Patel, MD, ESQ CEO & Co-Founder, MyDoc
                                                                                    • SS Chopra
                                                                                      SS Chopra Managing Director, Civica Pte Ltd
                                                                                      • Josh Woodard
                                                                                        Josh Woodard Regional ICT & Digital Finance Advisor, FHI 360
                                                                                        • Wei Kong
                                                                                          Wei Kong Deputy Director, Asia Philanthropy Circle
                                                                                          • Esther Wang
                                                                                            Esther Wang Founder, Joytingle Pte Ltd
                                                                                            • Bernard Tan
                                                                                              Bernard Tan Bernard Tan, Director, Commercial Strategy, Asia Pacific Restorative Therapies Group, Medtronic
                                                                                              • Ayushi Agnihotri
                                                                                                Ayushi Agnihotri Regional Engagement Manager (Asia), Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND)
                                                                                                • Dhawal Jhamb
                                                                                                  Dhawal Jhamb Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation
                                                                                                  • Pratima Amonkar
                                                                                                    Pratima Amonkar Area Head ISV Partner, Microsoft APAC
                                                                                                    • Benjamin Belot
                                                                                                      Benjamin Belot Corporate Venture & Partnership Manager, Zuellig Pharma Holdings Pte Ltd

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