Digital Solution Impact on Global Health Thinking in Times of a Global Pandemic

The Rockefeller Foundation and ACCESS Health International jointly hosted a webinar that focused on discussions around how digital solutions can empower our response to a global health crisis, how digital responses can work effectively in different regions, and what kind of global collaboration is needed to amplify the impact.

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned into a global public health crisis, evolving at an unparalleled speed and scale, debilitating economies and health systems across the globe. It became imperative for governments and organizations across the globe to take immediate action to protect their people.

The Rockefeller Foundation and ACCESS Health International released the report titled Tackling COVID-19 Pandemic through Integrating Digital Technology and Public Health: Linking Experiences in China to the World. However, the impact of the Covid-19 is far beyond a country or region. As such, together with Yale School of Public Health, we wish to jointly communicate and amplify the research results through a global webinar, bringing together global key opinion leaders, public health experts, researchers, and practitioners in healthcare.