Startup Alliance

The Startup Alliance is an ecosystem of startups, corporations and investors that are at the forefront of healthcare innovation in Asia. The Startup Alliance catalyzes partnerships to make sure that innovations don’t remain in the lab but are taken to the real world and to scale.

You can engage in our Startup Alliance in one of two ways:

Accelerator Program for Startups: The Health Futures Accelerator Program focuses on startups that have an integrated systems level view of healthcare. We bring together startups that work at the intersection of multiple disciplines – health, finance, technology – to solve real world challenges in healthcare.

Corporate Innovation: The Health Futures Corporate Innovation program is a platform for developing corporate and startup partnerships. It is a great starting point for companies to work with startups, that are specifically selected to align with business objectives and help them stay ahead of the innovation curve. We work with corporates to identify relevant problem statements and potential solutions through partnerships with startups.

Accelerator Program

Convergence of Digital Health with Digital Finance

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Healthcare delivery and healthcare financing usually happen in silos, creating a difficult-to-navigate administrative process for patients who need accessible and affordable healthcare. Driving innovation through industry convergence, ACCESS Health International’s Accelerator Program is a platform for startups to build disruptive growth models

Through this platform, startups have opportunities to build new growth engines supported by:

Cross-industry mentorship by industry stalwarts with 15+ years of cross-domain, functional and startup experience

Potential business development opportunities with corporates

Co-learning from other industry startups (healthcare and financial services)

Pitching for investment to right investors


Join our Accelerator Program converging digital health with digital finance – Apply Before 20th November 2020

Eligibility Criteria:
1) Pre-Series A to Series B startups
2) Focus on Southeast Asia markets
3) Digital health startups wanting to provide digital finance solutions and vice versa

Application Closed

Corporate Innovation

Access to regional startups

Bespoke solutions for identified problem statement(s)

Opportunity to stay ahead of the innovation curve

Access to healthcare sector expertise, unique understanding of the health policy and regulatory environment, and a nuanced view on market challenges and opportunities through our network

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