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Our Insights

From assessing the landscape of digital health technologies, innovations, and startups to the identification of best practices, our research services provide in-depth insights into the key health trends affecting South East Asia and Singapore today.

As a think tank and advisory group, ACCESS health provides consulting services around healthcare financing and health care delivery. The insights we provide are helping to advance understanding and dialogue in the critical health system issues of today and the future.


Health Futures Webinar: Public Health Policy & the Global Economy Navigating Through COVID 19

With states and countries at various stages of COVID-19 disease progression and restrictive safety measures being eased at varying rates, what does this mean for the global economy and what shifts can we expect in public health policy?

Health Futures Webinar: Improving Patient Engagement for Seniors amidst Covid-19

While distancing and other safety measures are necessary to curb the spread of COVID-19, they can also leave seniors more isolated and disengaged from their families and communities. ACCESS Health and Aging2.0 are co-hosting this webinar to address these challenges and discuss ways to improve communication and engagement with the elderly population in Singapore, while also keeping them from harm.

Health Futures Webinar: Scaling Digital Health Innovation in Asia

Singapore is an attractive regional hub in Asia for the innovation, test bedding and commercialization of digital health innovations. The island nation boasts a significant number of multinational corporations with their regional headquarters based in Singapore, a thriving startup ecosystem, and robust support from the Singaporean government for entrepreneurship. As innovators seek to bring their innovations from Singapore to the rest of Asia, the pathway to scale is not often clear and fraught with challenges. ACCESS Health Southeast Asia, in partnership with the Singapore Economic Development Board, set out to understand the path to regionalisation of digital health innovations in Asia through in-depth interviews with 26 companies, startups, and experts.

Health Futures webinar: Business responses to Covid-19

Co-hosted by ACCESS Health International and SGInnovate. Businesses from SMEs to MNCS are struggling to respond to COVID-19, weighing how to continue with current business strategies and best support employees’ health and wellness while protecting the communities where they live and work. Hear from a diverse panel of speakers on current guidelines and practices that can support businesses, their teams and communities.

Health Futures Webinar: Technology for Pandemic Preparedness & Response

Hosted by ACCESS Health International and SingHealth Duke-NUS Global Health Institute, the Tech for Pandemic Preparedness webinar will showcase experts in the fields of emerging infectious disease and technology for health. Hearing from experts and creating a space for discussion and inquiry, this webinar will focus on how technology is being used for the current COVID-19 outbreak, from the lab to teletriage, to public health policy.

Path to regionalization and scale-up fraught with challenges for Singapore startups: lessons learned and tips for success


What The Tech: Impact of Digital Innovations on Healthcare in Asia


Market Forces in Primary Care Systems: A Framework

A tool to assess and improve primary care in India


Reaching 650 Million: How Digital Technology is Key to Achieving Universal Health Coverage in ASEAN


Roundtables: Innovative Funding Models for Cancer Treatment in Asia

Building on the success of our report, ‘Innovative Funding Models for cancer treatment in Asia,’ ACCESS Health convened two consecutive roundtables of industry experts and key stakeholders to discuss the importance of partnerships in funding cancer treatment. This report highlights the issues, challenges, and avenues for cooperation that emerged during these discussions.


Innovative Funding Models for Cancer Treatment in Asia

The report sets out recommendations which we hope different stakeholders will reflect and act upon as they take action to improve the funding of cancer services.


Fintech for Health Conference Report 2017


Epilogue to Affordable Excellence

The publication of Affordable Excellence was followed by an in depth analysis of the changes in the financing and operation of the Singapore healthcare system between April 2013 and April 2014. A series of significant changes were made to accommodate the growing needs of the elderly population. The changes also encourage young people to have more children. This Epilogue to Affordable Excellence summarizes changes made between April 2013 and 2014.