On October 26th, ACCESS Health, in partnership with Amgen, hosted the second Bone Alliance workshop. While the first workshop participants represented patients, caregivers, and community members, the second workshop invited clinicians and organizations to come together to discuss what has been learned so far and to identify specific initiatives the alliance can guide forward together. 

The Bone Alliance was formed in early 2019 and consists of nine representatives from public and private organizations and hospitals. The overarching goal of the alliance is to change the trajectory of fragility fractures and to promote bone health as a public health priority in line with the current burden of bone-related issues in Singapore. Through a series of talks and discussions, the alliance and its partners identified three bone health priority areas: 1) screening and prevention, 2) support of evidence-based research to guide policy change, and 3) patient engagement and empowerment.

The final workshop fostered collaboration between community organizations and Bone Alliance members, forming a Collaborative Action Plan which will guide the alliance’s next steps in the coming year. 

To learn more about the Bone Alliance or to discover how you can be involved, please contact Valerie Shelly at valerie.shelly@accessh.org