Bone Alliance Program

A brief history of the

Bone Alliance Program

In 2017 and 2018, public and private organizations from various industries and disciplines, met regularly to discuss the negative impact of the rising rate of fragility fractures in Singapore. The main purpose of these roundtable discussions was to bring together healthcare professionals, academics, government agencies, voluntary welfare organizations, and intermediate and long-term care providers to discuss strategic opportunities for strengthening bone health and preventing fragility fractures.

From these meetings, stakeholders agreed on the need to create a structured, multi-disciplinary group of professionals focused solely on addressing the gaps in bone health in a comprehensive, action-oriented and policy-driven way. To this end, the Bone Alliance was formed in early 2019 with the signing of a memorandum of understanding committing members to action around bone health and laying the foundation for future Bone Alliance activities.

Promoting bone health as a public health priority in Singapore

The ultimate goal of the Alliance is to promote bone health as a public health priority in line with the current burden of bone-related issues in Singapore. We have three focus areas for the Alliance:

Prevention and screening;

Evidence-based data to inform policy-making; and

Patient engagement and awareness


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Patient Education

Osteoporosis and bone health patient resources compiled by members of Bone Alliance Singapore

Whether you are at-risk for or have osteoporosis, what should you be doing to continue to maintain good bone health during COVID-19? These resources developed by Bone Alliance member Dr. Manju Chandran, the Osteoporosis and Bone Metabolism Unit, Department of Endocrinology, and the Department of Physiotherapy, Singapore General Hospital provide useful and practical information on what you can do to maintain bone mass and build strength during circuit breaker measures and beyond

Taichi rehabilitation exercises during COVID-19 and beyond: Are you looking for a meaningful and invigorating taichi lesson to improve your physical and mental strength during COVID-19? Please see this link provided by Bone Alliance member Dr. Lau Tang Ching, Rheumatologist at NUHS and taichi teacher and expert.

Bone Alliance member Dr. Lau Tang Ching, in partnership with Lien Foundation and Yong-en Care Centre, gave a talk on “The Secrets to Longevity and Wellness.” Dr. Lau is Senior Consultant in the Division of Rheumatology at National University Hospital. Please contact us to see how you can can partner with Bone Alliance on initiatives to address bone health gaps in Singapore

Osteoporosis affects at least one in three people over age 50 years, and Singapore has the highest incidence rate of hip fracture of all Asian countries. Despite our ageing population and the increasing number of people suffering osteoporotic fractures, many Singaporeans lack knowledge about osteoporosis and how to lower their fracture risk.

Organised by Osteoporosis Society (Singapore), the Bone Health Ambassadors workshop trains new Bone Health Ambassadors who will be empowered to increase awareness about osteoporosis in the society, and what every person can do to reduce their risk for fractures.

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